What diseases can be cured by doing yoga, what science says on this
What diseases can be cured by doing yoga, what science says on this

The celebration of International Yoga Day in June aims to raise awareness about the benefits of yoga, especially amidst the backdrop of unhealthy lifestyles and poor dietary habits. The saying goes, "Yoga erases ailments," but how exactly does it work? Practicing yoga daily can infuse your body with energy.

Yoga offers a multitude of health benefits. It can significantly boost your immunity, improve your eyesight, and make you look younger than your actual age. Yoga enhances beauty and supports better blood circulation and metabolism. It also helps alleviate problems like gas and acidity and sharpens the mind and memory.

One effective yoga practice is Kapalbhati. Regularly performing Kapalbhati can provide relief from kidney-related diseases and increase overall energy levels. It can also reduce dark circles under the eyes. It is crucial to follow the correct breathing technique while doing Kapalbhati. Pay attention to the speed of your breaths, and remember that when inhaling, your stomach should expand outward, and when exhaling, it should contract inward. However, if you suffer from hernia, ulcers, respiratory diseases, or hypertension, it is advisable to consult a doctor before practicing Kapalbhati.

Obesity is a significant cause of various health issues. Controlling your weight can prevent many diseases from affecting you. To combat obesity, you can practice yoga asanas such as Tadasana, Trikonasana, Padahastasana, and Parshvakonasana.

Although there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed with medication. However, if you want to keep this condition under control, it is essential to combine a proper diet with yoga. Practices like Kapalbhati Pranayama, Dhanurasana, and Chakrasana can help reduce diabetes symptoms.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a gateway to many health problems. Once someone has high BP, they become susceptible to heart disease. To manage high blood pressure, you can practice yoga asanas like Paschimottanasana, Shavasana, Pranayama, and Adho Mukha Svanasana.

Migraine results from poor blood circulation in the brain, causing severe headaches. Practicing yoga asanas such as Shirshasana (Headstand), Ustrasana, Balasana, and Shavasana can provide significant relief from migraine symptoms. For asthma patients, yoga is essential because it facilitates better air passage to the lungs, thereby alleviating breathing difficulties. Pranayama and Dhanurasana can be particularly beneficial for those with asthma or other respiratory issues.

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