What does Valentine's Day mean to You?
What does Valentine's Day mean to You?

Valentine's Day is an international celebration that honours the feeling of authentic love. Every year on February 14th, Saint Valentine's Day marks the death anniversary of one of the Christian legends, Saint Valentine. February 14 is a national holiday in majority of the first-world countries. Valentine's Day has evolved into a day dedicated to lovers. It is portrayed as a day only for lovers. Even in the media it is presented as exclusively for lovers. Valentine's Day, on the other hand, has a much wider meaning and appeal. It's a day to celebrate love, and that love may be for anyone, not just a lover.

What is the true meaning of Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to the emotion of love. The most celebrated form of love is that between lovers (a man and his wife).

Love has multiple shades. For some it is a beautiful feeling, while for others it is about eternal contentment. For some it is compatibility, while for others it is a life-long dedication. For some it is friendship, while for others it is sacrifice. In Indian culture love is a saga which aims to redefine the perception of love. However, all forms of authentic love are lovely and should be celebrated.

Saint Valentine's Day is commemorated to honour Saint Valentine, who devoted his life for the sake of love. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. So, on this  Day, look around your life for people who actually love you, in any form and in any fashion, and express your gratitude to them for being there for you always  when you needed them.

Valentine's Day is primarily regarded as a worldwide holiday honouring the emotion of love. The day has greater significance than merely being a day for lovers. It is a day to express and show our love and concern to anyone. We often fail to convey our love for our parents. This day offers an opportunity to demonstrate our affection for our parents, family members, and close friends.

Valentine's Day, honours importance of the human connectedness and relationship. It's a day that teaches us how to show our love, care, and respect for those who matter in our lives. It makes us joyful when we think of our loved ones. It also emphasises the significance of the joy we get when we are with others we care about.

If you are a wife, communicate your affection to your husband particularly on this Valentine's Day. However, don't forget to show your love to the other people in your life who are equally important.. This is the day to express gratitude to people, no matter who they are, for being present in your life and standing by your side when you needed them. To begin, express gratitude to your parents for their unconditional love, which surpasses all other forms of affection. Thank them for shaping you into the person you are today. Purchase gifts for them and write them messages that will make them happy.

Finally, because Valentine's Day is all about love, everyone should make an effort to spread love. Do something on Valentine's Day that will make the people around you happy. Do something to help the little kids in your neighbourhood who don't have somebody to look after them. Similarly, a person can volunteer at an old age home to help the elderly who do not have anyone in the world to call their own. Valentine's Day is all about demonstrating and expressing your love, as well as doing things that make others feel cherished. The purpose of Valentine's Day is to spread love. It is said, “If you love somebody, show it”!

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