When thunder roars, go indoors! Learn how to protect yourself

The rainy season is excellent and people are eager to eat from wet to hot pakoras during this season. However, sometimes there are some incidents that damage lives and property. The list includes floods, strong winds, and lightning. Well, today we will talk about lightning. Lightning is a natural disaster and Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh have more pre-monsoon lightning incidents. Every year, life and property are lost due to lightning. Now we know why lightning strikes and how it can be protected. 

Why rain lightning falls - When there is a collision between the clouds in the sky, an electric charge is generated, its intensity is very high and it is hotter and faster than sunlight. When it falls to the earth, it shines a bright light, called celestial lightning.

How to avoid electricity-
* Turn off the electrical appliances in your home when it's raining too much or lightning.
* Remove plugs of all electronic devices in your homes as soon as the storm occurs.
* Turn off your car's radio and AC if you're traveling in a car.
* Make a distance from your mobile while the power is shining and turn off the laptop, computer.
* Go to the open field but do not stay under a tree or building.
* Place your hands on your ears so that your eardrum does not burst with the loud sound of lightning.
* Sit on the ground with both your heels together.
* Do not walk in the crowd or together while lightning strikes, but keep a distance from each other.

How can reduce the risk of lightning-

* Plant trees like neem, peepal.
* Fruit saplings can be planted in unpaved places along the roads.
* Install lightning conductors on high-rise buildings.

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