What is Payroll Financing? How can it benefit growing businesses?
What is Payroll Financing? How can it benefit growing businesses?

Payroll Financing is a new age financing solution that provides organizations with a line of credit that helps that cover payrolls for their employees on time. It is a short term lending solution with low cost ROI which solves the problems of payrolls for businesses.

Since the market is so unpredictable, especially after COVID, it is difficult to up keep a healthy cash flow running through and through. In the aftermath of the pandemic, many businesses are still trying to find their footing and stabilize their customer flow. In such times when there is no constant and regular flow of cash paying timely salaries to employees becomes a dilemma. Employers are forced to choose between focusing on business expansion, paying the vendors, inventories or paying salaries to each and every employee.

Delaying employee salaries might not seem like a very big deal at first but it can have severe consequences overtime. When employees don’t receive their salaries on time or at all it brings down the morale of the working force. Low morale leads to a decreased level of productivity which will inevitably have an effect on the business.Remember, happy employees lead to successful businesses.

So what to do when you are faced with the problem of running timely payrolls but you can’t?

1 Click Capital has designed a product especially to solve the challenge of timely payrolls.

1 Click Payroll is a unique and innovative product that offers a collateral free payroll financing. It is a digital portal that provides fast flexible and low cost financing which is processed in 48 hours and asks for minimum documentation.

What are the unique features of 1 Click Payroll?

  • Limited Paperwork

1 Click Capital values your time and efforts and so we ask for minimal paperwork and process your application in the most hassle free manner.

  • 48 Hours Approval

It is our aim to bring clarity to your application within 48 hours of submission.

  • 24 x 7 Utilization

You can use your funds any time of the day or night 24x7 as soon as your limit is generated in the 1 Click System

  • Low-Cost ROI

Interest rates are as low as 1.5 percent, you just pay for the funding you use.

  • Immediate Access

Enjoy immediate access to funds as soon as you’ve been approved. All you have to do is ask for it.

  • Quick Approval

We aim to process your application within 48 hours for your convenience and ease

With the benefits of 1 Click Payroll comes along the benefits of 1 Click Salary Advance. It is a short term loan or advance of a pre-determined value based on an employee’s salary and is usually paid back within two to three months. 1 Click Salary Advance is activated once an organization enrolls for 1 Click Payroll. 1 Click Salary advance gives immediate access to liquidity when an employee is in need of a contingency salary.

1 Click Capital aims to change the way lending happens in this country. It is creating a new way through which organizations can access financing to sustain their business. We are pioneers in the fintech world with the mission of becoming an organization with a global presence that not only helps employers but also employees by making every business owners dream a capital reality.

So the next time your organization is faced with the doubt of where to pay your employee’s next paycheck, think if 1 Click Capital.

For more information: https://www.1clickcapital.com/products/1-click-payroll

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