E Cigarette: Prevalence of e-cigarette in India, What is our responsibility against it?

Sep 12 2019 10:27 AM
E Cigarette: Prevalence of e-cigarette in India, What is our responsibility against it?

E-cigarette is becoming a big problem not only for India but also for the whole world. Children, youth and the elderly are all vulnerable. If this is not stopped in time, then the future generations may be in danger. Keeping e-cigarette in mind, what is the trend of e-cigarette in India today, do we need to take a stand against it now and how is the government planning to ban it? You will find answers to all these questions.

What is the trend of e cigarette in India?

E-cigarette is spreading its foot in India as well as the whole world. In the country of 130 crore people, e-cigarette is gradually becoming a big business area. It has carved out its place in every state and every corner of India, although 8 states of India have banned it and have done well to reduce its trend. In the last 2-3 years, its circulation is increasingly large, although the state government is making every effort to stop it.

Do we need to take a stand against it now?

The question is whether the common people also need to raise their voice against it? Yes ... We also have to raise our voice against it. The government is committed to stopping this at its level, but at the same time it becomes our responsibility as citizens of India to stand united against evil and for the good of the country. If someone in front of us consumes it, someone buys or sells it, then we need to take action against it.

How is the government planning to ban e-cigarettes?

The Indian government is against e-cigarettes and many commendable steps are being taken for this. The government is preparing to bring an ordinance to ban the manufacture, sale and import of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) products, including e-cigarettes. Also, the news is that the government is also taking legal opinion for this big issue. If the bill is passed in the next session after taking the ordinance, then another decision of the government will be in the interest of the country. Currently, e-cigarette is banned in 8 states of India.

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