What is 'Tomato Flu'? Who made 80 children victims in Kerala, know its symptoms and prevention

Kochi: The infection of crying has not even completely gone away yet and a new disease has hit the country. Now the new disease that has emerged is called tomato flu. Since the body becomes like a red blister when infected with this disease, it has been named as Tomato Flu.  So far, the infection has been found in 80 children. All children who have been infected with it are under the age of 5 years. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have also been put on high alert after rising tomato flu cases were reported in Kerala. 

Tomato flu is a rare viral disease. When infected, there are red rashes on the body, irritation in the skin and dehydration problems. In this disease, red-coloured blisters form on the body, which look like tomatoes, so it has been named tomato flu. Tomato flu is currently spreading to children. In Kerala, only children below the age of 5 years are getting infected. Tomato flu has symptoms like chikungunya. It causes high fever, body ache, joint swelling and fatigue when infected. However, infected children are also having skin irritation and rashes, which cause blisters on some parts of the body.

It also leads to complaints of abdominal cramps, vomiting or diarrhoea when infected. At the same time, apart from the hands and knees, the colour of some parts of the body also changes, however, where the disease came from, nothing is yet known. Health officials are still trying to find out the exact causes of tomato flu. 

What's the way to avoid it?

It is being told that this disease is new and there is not much information about it yet, so there is no concrete cure for it. Maintain cleanliness around you to avoid infection. Do not let there be a lack of water in the body. Drink water at regular intervals. Also, if you notice any symptoms, see the doctor immediately. If children have an infection, they should avoid scratching the blisters, as it can further aggravate the disease. Avoid coming in contact with an infected person to prevent the spread of the infection. If you have an infection, take rest at home and get treatment from a doctor.

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