Whatsapp agrees to talk to government, but says no over withdrawing privacy policy

Jan 22 2021 10:37 AM
Whatsapp agrees to talk to government, but says no over withdrawing privacy policy

The WhatsApp government is ready to interact with the proposed new privacy policy for the consumer but WhatsApp is not in favor of withdrawing its privacy policy at present. As per the information received from WhatsApp, there is no law on data protection in India and they are finding it difficult to fix privacy policy or data protection standards for Hindustan. The proposed policy of WhatsApp was to come into effect from 8th February, which has been postponed till 15th May.

Data protection law not in India: According to media reports, company sources have said that there is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe about different privacy policies for consumers in Europe and Hindustan. Therefore, while deciding any policy or standard, that regulation is taken care of, but no data protection law has been enacted in Hindustan so far. It is not less than a problem to decide who should be taken care of while formulating the policy and who is not.

The ministry has asked WhatsApp for: It has revealed that the private data security bill was introduced by the government in Parliament in December 2019 but has not been made a law so far. Where the Ministry of Electronics and has been asked to withdraw its proposed privacy policy to WhatsApp. The ministry has also sought a reply to 14 questions from WhatsApp but no time frame has been fixed for replying on behalf of the Ministry.

Why privacy policies vary: It has been revealed that there is also a question in these questions as to why WhatsApp's privacy policy is different for Europe and India. According to the information, heavy fines are being imposed on companies for violation of data security law in Europe and the compliance with the Data Security Act is very stringent but the law is not made in India.

Why companies don't care about data security: Not only that, without the information of the consumer in India, there is no investigation against companies doing business using their data, so companies are not bothered about data security. The privacy policy of WhatsApp was to share consumer data with Facebook, which is being expressed. WhatsApp says the new proposed privacy policy does not have any legislation to share users' data or their chats with Facebook.

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