WhatsApp Chief Rebukes Elon Musk's Claims on User Data Export, Emphasizes Security
WhatsApp Chief Rebukes Elon Musk's Claims on User Data Export, Emphasizes Security

WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart has strongly responded to recent remarks made by Elon Musk regarding the messaging application's handling of user data, asserting that it does not export user data every night as claimed by the Tesla CEO. Cathcart reaffirmed WhatsApp's commitment to security, highlighting the platform's use of end-to-end encryption for user messages.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Musk had stated, "WhatsApp exports your user data every night. Some people still think it is secure." However, Cathcart swiftly addressed Musk's comments, clarifying that the information provided by the billionaire was incorrect.

"Many have said this already, but worth repeating: this is not correct. We take security seriously and that's why we end-to-end encrypt your messages. They don't get sent to us every night or exported to us," Cathcart responded to Musk's post.

He further explained, "If you do want to backup your messages, you can use your cloud provider and you can even use end-to-end encryption for that too. Turn it on here," providing users with a link to enable additional encryption.

Elon Musk vs Meta:

Elon Musk's public disputes with Meta have been ongoing since he assumed control of X in 2022. The rivalry intensified with Meta's launch of its Threads app, directly competing with X.

Tensions between Musk and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg reached a peak when Musk provocatively suggested a cage fight between the two. Despite widespread speculation and discussions about potential venues, Zuckerberg eventually called off the proposed match, citing Musk's lack of seriousness about the competition.

Recently, Musk reignited talks of a potential showdown, responding to a post on X by saying, "I’m ready to fight Zuck anywhere, anytime with any rules. LFG!!!"

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