WhatsApp surprises users with new feature; listen to voice messages before sharing

Facebook's WhatsApp is rolling out another new update for users' comfort. The application has a slew of new features to make your conversations more fun and engaging. Yes! in this update, the messaging platform is likely to bring a much-needed change to the voice messages feature. 

The update suggests that it will let senders hear the voice message before finally sending it to the recipient. At present, voice messages are directly sent to recipients as soon as the sender finishes recording the message, leaving no space for improving the quality of the note. Now, however, the upcoming feature will ensure that users get a second chance to change what they want to say. Now users can listen to the voice notes once again before forwarding them. It will benefit them to treasure themselves of what they wanted to say and can also improve the quality of the message in the second attempt if they aren’t happy with the first one. Moreover, WhatsApp is also expected to show waveforms while users record their voice messages. The social media giant has reportedly launched the new features for the beta version of the  Android and iOS app. 

Moving further with the update, WhatsApp users will be able to stop the recording midway to listen to the voice message before starting to record again. The two new updates to voice messages are launching after WhatsApp recently rolled out a new feature that allows users to change the speed of voice notes on the app. 

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