WhiteCub Announces the launch of WhiteCub Vegan Butter.

India's pioneering dairy-free food brand, WhiteCub has announced the launch of their first-ever WhiteCub Vegan Butter. This butter is created without a single drop of any dairy product, is completely plant-based with vitamins B12 and D. The WhiteCub Vegan butter is devoid of any inter-esterified fats, trans fats, or palm oil.

Ms. Sonal, CEO, and Founder of WhiteCub said ’I have always loved animals. Using their products has been something I have always believed to be against my ethics and that is how WhiteCub started. We wanted to be able to provide completely vegan options to those who followed this lifestyle or want to shift to this lifestyle as the new India is increasingly witnessing exponential growth in vegan awareness. When we were working on our R&D, we realized the gap in the market where there were no butter options for our vegan members. Therefore we thought this year let’s surprise not just our vegan consumers but also Lord Krishna with WhiteCub Vegan Butter right before Janmashtami.

When asked about future plans for the company Sonal said  ‘We intend to walk on the tight ropeway of continued stability of our existing verticals while opening up new ones -all within the industry of vegan dairy alternatives and alternatives to value-added dairy laden foods, such as vegan cookies/ chocolates, etc’. 

About WhiteCub

Started in 2013, WhiteCub is India’s pioneering Dairy-Free foods brand. Our dairy-free foods have been specifically created to fill in certain crucial gaps. Our ice creams come in over 20 different flavors to delight your taste buds. All flavors are dairy-free, cholesterol-free, and TransFat Free. WhiteCub has been awarded PETA Vegan Food Awards consecutively in 2013 and 2014. WhiteCub’s retail tubs are now available in many metropolitan cities in India like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. As a business, we are the proud alumni of Nexus, an Innovation Hub and Business Incubator powered by the US Embassy, ACIR.

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