Whatsapp to enable in-app purchases

Oct 22 2020 11:06 PM
Whatsapp to enable in-app purchases

Facebook corporation is to be engaged in boosting the revenue by enabling the in-app purchase and hosting services said on October 22. The Facebook Inc has said is moving towards the activity to  boost the revenue from the application. It is a process of binding the e-commerce infrastructure across the company together. The reports say investment of $19billion to purchase Whatsapp in 2014 was not yet monetized, it is a slow moving process.

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The biggest social media  company is planning to boost the sales in Instagram and Whatsapp which are considerably the higher units in the group. Facebook apps was launched in May to provide a unified shopping experience across Facebook's apps. The Facebook Inc once the changes gets adopted,  Whatsapp will enable business to sell its products inside the Whatsapp via Facebook shops. The facebook soon will provide the facility to story  the Whatsapp messages on facebook servers, this enables an entry into the cloud computing sector. The company sources revealed the purchase option will be available this year and message storage by next year.

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The hosting service will be free to try and then charges 0.5 cents to 9 cents per delivered messages. This app currently has very small customer base standing with tens of thousands, whereas other limited free tools for small business were used by tens of millions. The opportunity to earn through the in-app purchase and hosting services will be big as they belive. The facebook has conformed that Facebook won't use the message data on it servers for other business purpose. 

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