WhatsApp users beware! A new scam has come, do not dial this number even by forgetting

WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging app. Because of this scammers keep a lot of eyes on its users. Now a new scam is happening on WhatsApp. This scam is not like the scams already running. An Instagram user has alerted about this. Instagram user parleenranhotra posted that a new scam is happening on WhatsApp. Users need to be careful about this. He wrote in the post that he got a call from an unknown number.

The caller told that it is about the case he had filed regarding internet connectivity. On which the Instagram user told the caller that his father is not at home. Due to being a family plan SIM, they see this matter. She was about to cut the call that the caller told that you have to dial a number so that after a day or two you can be called back for it again. The caller asked to dial *401* and a phone number. Which he dialed.


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After 10 minutes of disconnecting the same call, an Instagram user receives a message from WhatsApp with the PIN to set up the account on the new device. WhatsApp gets locked out from their phone and PC. Then they come to know that *401* and then dialing the phone number gets all the calls diverted to that number. Taking advantage of this, the scammers login to their WhatsApp in their mobile. Then the scammers demanded money by messaging about 50 contacts. Many of those contacts considered the need and transferred the money to the UPI ID mentioned by the scammers. Instagram user parleenranhotra again got his SIM blocked but his WhatsApp account was unable to login because the scammers set a two-factor authentication PIN on it. After 7 days he got access to WhatsApp again. He has alerted about this scam happening on WhatsApp. He has said that never come to anyone's talk and dial any phone number with *401* prefix. Additionally, use 2-factor authentication on WhatsApp and never click on unknown links.  

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