How do you earn so much money... When Kapil opened the secret of Kundra
How do you earn so much money... When Kapil opened the secret of Kundra

Raj Kundra, the husband of legendary entertainment actress Shilpa Shetty, has been arrested by the police for making and releasing porn movies on the night of July 19. Since this information, many revelations relating to Raj Kundra have started coming out one after the other. Meanwhile, an old video of Raj is also going viral on social media where Kapil Sharma is seen asking him for his source of income.



The same Kapil Sharma appeared alongside Raj Kundra, Wife Shilpa Shetty, and his sister Shamita Shetty in an episode of the show. Because of this, Kapil Sharma jokingly says to him, 'You will be seen playing football with film stars, sometimes on a plane, sometimes something is coming in the news, sometimes you are roaming around, sometimes you are going to shop for Shilpa.' "Paji, tell us something about how you earn money without doing anything," says Paji. How do you earn so much even when you are so busy at work?''

The same video is becoming increasingly viral, which is no less than a taunt on the arrest of Raj Kundra. By the way, Raj Kundra has appeared as a very cheerful and friendly person. He used to make fun video content with his wife every day. The funny videos of putting their faces on Hollywood star's faces were very popular. But now after this case, the horoscope of Raj Kundra has changed. Every act of Raj is pointing towards the charges leveled against him.

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