When Kapil Sharma reached Shah Rukh's house in a drunken state at midnight, then...

Famous comedian of the entertainment world Kapil Sharma's Netflix special I'm Not Done Yet is being talked about. With this comedy special, Kapil Sharma is seen doing something different. In the show, Kapil has discussed his life and career. He also said that once he entered famous actor Shah Rukh Khan's house at 3 pm without being called.

At the same time, Kapil says that once one of his cousins came to meet him from London. Cousin said that he had to see Shah Rukh Khan's house. Kapil was drinking then. He thought he could show him the house from outside. There is nothing to be a problem with that. In such a situation, he took the cousin and went to Mannat. However, when he reached outside the Mannat, he saw that there was a movie party going on and the gate of the house was open. So he took the car inside the house.

The guard of the same house let Kapil Sharma in thinking that Shah Rukh must have called him. Then Kapil and his cousin went inside and found Gauri Khan. Gauri was enjoying with her friends. He saw Kapil and thought that Shah Rukh had called him. So Gauri told Kapil that come on, Shah Rukh is inside. When Kapil went to the other room, he saw Shah Rukh Khan dancing. He went and met Shah Rukh and also introduced his cousin. Then Kapil Sharma said to Shah Rukh- Sorry brother, I didn't know the party was going on. I came without informing. My cousin had to see the house. I saw that the gate was open, so I came in. On this, Shah Rukh Khan had said to Kapil - If the gate of my bedroom is open, will you come to it also. However, Shah Rukh Khan enjoyed himself with Kapil Sharma. Kapil said that he danced with Shah Rukh till the end of the party.

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