While searching new love man met his wife again

May 06 2016 04:21 PM
While searching new love man met his wife again

A man was totally shocked to see that his facebook lover was really his wife after meeting her for the first time at a restaurant.

Police said, that they were called to the restaurant after the couple began fighting and the manager feared that they might turn violent.

As per the investigation, the man and the woman were not with each other from the long time as due to endless fight they find that they are not able to cope up.

The husband had no clue that his wife was also on Facebook, and they both used fake names. After about three months, the Facebook lovers decided to meet.

They decided the time to meet. But,when they met for first time they were surprised and shocked. An argument broke out, and the police were called to intervene.

No arrests were made, but the couple was sent to counseling.

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