White House Sounds Alarm: Concerns Mount Over 'Slow' Ukrainian Counteroffensive
White House Sounds Alarm: Concerns Mount Over 'Slow' Ukrainian Counteroffensive

Washington: Despite moving more slowly than anticipated, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby asserted that Ukraine's counteroffensive is nonetheless making steady progress.

Kirby was questioned about the state of Kiev's offensive offensive thrust launched in June while speaking to CNN's Wolf Blitzer for an interview that aired on Monday. The official claimed that thus far, the results have not been particularly impressive.

They'll be the first to admit that they're not moving as far or quickly as they'd like to, but they are moving slowly. I believe it's crucial to keep in mind that these defensive lines, which are sometimes three deep and protected by minefields, must be avoided at all costs. He continued, "When you're being shot at and shelled... it's really painstaking work."

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The spokesman continued by saying Kiev is "making progress" on the battlefield, even though "it's not as far as they'd like," and he added that Washington would "keep making sure that they have all the materials they need."

Wolf Blitzer pressed Kirby on the US stance regarding attempted Ukrainian attacks on the Russian capital. Kirby responded that although the White House is not "encouraging" or "enabling" such attacks, Kiev officials ultimately decide which targets to use.


It's not a matter of accepting the assaults, Wolf. "Our position is we want to focus on the war inside Ukraine," he said, emphasising that "They have to make decisions about what they're going to target, and where they're going to put their military capabilities.

The office of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres denounced Ukrainian attacks on Moscow earlier this week. The UN has condemned both Moscow and Kiev for attacking cities.

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Farhan Haq, Guterres' deputy spokesman, told reporters on Monday shortly after several drones were intercepted over Moscow's financial district, causing building damage and injuring one person. "We are against any and all attacks on civilian facilities and we want them to stop," Haq said.

Russian officials claim that a second drone strike attempt on Tuesday was also thwarted. They claim that one incoming UAV struck a building after being electronically jammed.

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Although it is policy for Ukraine not to claim credit for attacks that occur outside of its claimed borders, President Vladimir Zelensky stated on Sunday that "war is returning to the territory of Russia." Mikhail Podoliak, one of his closest advisors, later predicted that Moscow would experience "a full-fledged war" and should anticipate "more unidentified drones, more collapse, [and] more civil conflicts."

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