Know who is George Floyd, whose death sparks debate of black and white

Jun 02 2020 12:27 PM
Know who is George Floyd, whose death sparks debate of black and white

At this time, there is an outcry in the whole world about the Coronavirus, on the other hand, violence has increased in America. America is struggling with violent protests along with fighting Corona. There are demonstrations after the death of a black citizen, George Floyd, many people are demanding justice then be it common or special. The protest that is happening there at the moment has become even more violent, the situation is such that curfew has been imposed in many cities including the capital Washington. On May 25, the US police took a black citizen George Floyd off the cab and lobbed him on the ground and stabbed his neck, causing his death. A video of the incident came out which became viral on social media. Since the video went viral, people, stars and many people all over America have been surprised and since then there have been demonstrations and demonstrations. Now we tell you who was George Floyd, after whose death the world's superpower America burned.

Assuming a BBC report, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black citizen, was of the African American community, and George Floyd, born in North Carolina, lived in Houston, but moved to Minneapolis in connection with work. George worked as a security guard in a restaurant in Minneapolis and lived in the same restaurant owner's house for five years by paying rent. He has a six-year-old daughter who lives in Houston with her mother. While George was known as 'Big Floyd' and he loved the city of Minneapolis, he left Houston and came to Minneapolis for new opportunities. George Floyd was detained by police outside a shop in Minneapolis on May 25 and died shortly after being taken into custody. In the video released on the day of detention, he was arrested by a white police officer, Derek Shovin, and a police officer who knelt George's throat has been charged with third degree murder. Police say, George was accused of "trying to buy from a shop through a fake note of $ 20 (about Rs. 1500)".

In this case, the police said, "George physically opposed the arrest, then force was used." Now after George's death, people came out on the streets demanding justice for him. George's death has once again sparked the debate of blacks and whites in America. There is a dispute about this matter in every way. Black people in America have been victims of harassment and prejudice for a long time and since this incident the debate between blacks and whites has gained momentum.

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