WHO is not support to ban wet markets even after corona pandemic
WHO is not support to ban wet markets even after corona pandemic

Washington: The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that even though the carnivorous commodity market in China's Wuhan city has played a major role in causing the novel corona virus, it is not recommended to ban such markets worldwide Does. In a press briefing, WHO's Food Safety and Veterinary Specialist Peter Ben Ambarek said that the non-vegetarian food market provides food and livelihood to millions of people around the world and that authorities should focus on improving them rather than closing them , Even though many times they are afraid of spreading pandemics in humans.

Ben Ambarek said that food security is difficult in this environment and that's why we often see such things in the market. He said that the risk of spreading the disease from animals to humans in these often crowded markets can be reduced in many ways, including improving standards of cleanliness and food safety and separating live animals from humans. .

He said that it was not yet clear whether Wuhan's market led to the initial cases of coronavirus in China and whether it was its real source or that it only played a role in further spreading the disease. Ben Embarek said that investigations are continuing in China to find the source of the animal from which the coronavirus spread to humans.

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