US Secretary of Press turn out to be Corona-positive
US Secretary of Press turn out to be Corona-positive

Washington: US Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary Katie Miller has also been found to be Coronavirus positive. The White House has given information in this regard on Friday. Katie is the second person found infected in the White House this week. However, US President Donald Trump has said that he is not worried about the Corona infection spreading in the White House.

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On giving information, officials said that they are tightening security protocols for the campus. Katie was found infected on Friday. She recently came in contact with Pence, but did not meet the President. She is the wife of Trump's top adviser Stephen Miller. The White House has not provided any information regarding whether Stephen Miller has also been investigated in the Corona or whether he is still working in the White House. Katie was not found infected in the test report on Thursday, a day before she was found positive.

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Trump said that this shows that it is not necessary that the investigation always come true. Earlier, a military assistant of Trump was found to be Coronavirus positive. The president had said he had little contact with her. US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would get Corona examined every day after his military assistant was found to be Coronavirus positive.

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