WHO's big statement, says "It is not right to close Wuhan's market"
WHO's big statement, says

Geneva: Everyone is troubled in today's time due to the problem of the Coronavirus continuously increasing for many days, while there are so many people who have lost their lives due to the outbreak of this virus and the epidemic. No, in the grip of this virus, millions of people are getting infected every day, while the death rate due to coronavirus is increasing continuously, due to which the whole human body today Lu stood on the destruction of the end. Today, more than 2 lakh 76 thousand people have lost their lives due to the virus. And even now, it cannot be said openly how long the virus will get rid of and when the situation will improve.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the wholesale animal market located in the Chinese city of Wuhan has played a role in the spread of corona. This role has been either as a source of virus or it has acted to increase the spread of the virus. The WHO, however, emphasized the need for more research and study in this regard. Chinese authorities closed the market in January, which led to a temporary ban in the consumption and trade of wild and marine animals.

Dr WHO Ben Mbarek, a WHO expert on food security, said that it is clear that the outbreak of the virus has increased due to this market, but what kind of role it was, there should be more light on it. Swords have been drawn between China and America on how the Coronavirus came and became so serious. US President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo have clearly blamed China for this. Pompeo has even said that he has evidence of this virus being made in the lab. However, Ben Mbarek has not said anything on these allegations. He said that it took over a year to know that the source of MERS (Middle East Reciporial Syndrome) is a camel. In Corona's case, it is still not late. The most important thing for us right now is to stop the spread of this virus.

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