Who was the first Leader of opposition in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly?

Question:  What is the size of Madhya Pradesh located in the middle of India?

Answer-  Rectangular

Question:  What is the extension of Madhya Pradesh from north to south?

Answer:  605 km

Question:  What is the focal point of Madhya Pradesh?

north sea 

Question:  When was Bhimbetka declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Answer:  2003

Question:  To which period is the Tekri of Manuabhan located in Bhopal related?

Post-Neolithic  period

Question:  Where is the Mauryan Pangudaria stupa in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer- Sehore

Question:  Where is your record in Madhya Pradesh?

In the district of North-Guna

Question:  Who founded the Gurjar Pratihar dynasty in Ujjain?

Answer:  Nagabhatta I

Q:  Where is the Kamal Maula Masjid in Madhya Pradesh?

north edge 

Question:  How many rulers are mentioned in the Sanskrit inscription of Ramnagar?

Answer:  54 rulers

Question:  Who was the founder of the Scindia dynasty?

Answer:  Ranoji Shinde

Question- M.P. To which region Bhima Nayak belongs in history.

Answer-  Mandleshwar

Question:  Where was the massacre of Sohawal?

Answer: Hinauta village under Virsinghpur in Satna district

Question:  Who was the first Chief Minister of Central India?

Answer:  Liladhar Joshi

Question:  Who was the first Speaker of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly?

Answer:  Pt. Kunjilal Dubey

Question:  Who was the first Leader of the Opposition in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly?

Answer:  Shri Vishwanath Yadavrao Tamaskar

Prez Kovind arrives in Jamaica, hold talks with Guv-General Patrick Allen, PM Andrew Holness

Which is the district with the highest forest cover in Madhya Pradesh?

What is the length of NH 27 (National Highway 27) in Madhya Pradesh?

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