'Whoever cleans toilet will be taken to India first..,' Indian Embassy's shameful condition

New Delhi: Even after nine days of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, all the Indian students stranded in Ukraine could not be brought back. Thousands of Indian students are still stranded in conflict zones in Ukraine. Meanwhile, an Indian student who returned from Ukraine has levelled serious allegations against the Indian Embassy officials. Pratibha Vinistia, a resident of Saharsa in Bihar, said, "The people of Romania helped us a lot, gave us a place to stay and fed us a full stomach. The Indian Embassy people we met in Romania and treated us very dirty. They offered us that whoever cleans the bathroom, we will take him to India first and others later.''


According to the talent, the students had to take the initiative themselves to go to the Romania border. The busmen charged 6,000 rupees per student to go to the border. The student raised doubts and said that both the agents and the embassy members were involved in it. Pratibha further said, "After a 14-hour journey by bus, we reached the Romania border. The students were so tired that no one had the courage to clean the bathroom,  but they also wanted to go back to India as soon as possible. There was so much eagerness to go home that some students reached to clean the toilet.''

Pratibha, a fourth-year student of the medical university, said that at first, the embassy people were not replying to calls or messages. After this, when one of our friends posted a video on Facebook to show the reality, immediately a call came from the embassy and pressured to delete the video.

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