Why Karan refused to work with Kangana
Why Karan refused to work with Kangana

Things like cold war are very common in the Bollywood industry. In such fights, stars always attack each other without naming them. Even though he pretends to be a friend in public, his true feelings are often visible in his statements. However, the style of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is slightly different. She attacks openly and by name. Then, no matter how big a person is in front of her,

Everyone knows about the mutual enmity between filmmaker Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut. These two are seen spitting at each other in the coming days. Meanwhile, Kangana has shared an old video of Karan Johar on her Instagram Story. In which he is seen saying that he will not work with her, Karan Johar is seen taunting.

Talking about Kangana, Karan says that what does she mean when she says movie mafia, because what does she think we are doing? Sitting and not giving them work? Does this make us mafias? No, we do this of our own free will. Karan has said about this that he does it because perhaps he is not interested in working with Kangana.

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