Why did Milkha Singh cry holding Divya Dutta's hand?, the reason given by the actress

Noted great athlete Milkha Singh may have bid farewell to the world but he has left a lot of his memories. His personality was something which will be remembered him for the rest of his life. Through the 2013 movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, the whole world watched Milkha Singh's life closely and the movie also received a lot of love from across the country and the world. The movie starred famous actress Divya Dutta as Milkha Singh's elder sister.

Divya Dutta said during an interview- 'I remember Milkha Singh ji watching this movie sitting with me and I played her elder sister role in the movie. He liked the role so much that he got emotional and grabbed my hand and started crying'. Divya Dutta says- 'In fact, by the time the movie was released, her elder sister had passed away and Milkha Singh loved her elder sister so he was emotional when he saw my character'

She further added, 'I remember when I met him about my role, he told me stories of his childhood and that he was lost in the same memories of narrating the stories. His stories were so powerful that it was very nice to hear. The way he narrated those stories helped me a lot in playing my role. Divya Dutta says that after doing this movie, I became a part of her family. Whenever I went to Chandigarh, I would go to his house for a cup of tea and he would call me and tell me that he would come a little early and play golf'.

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