Why do Jain Munis not wear clothes?
Why do Jain Munis not wear clothes?

In Jainism, monks choose to remain naked. It is a rigorous penance that symbolizes self-sacrifice, restraint and the desire to attain salvation. There are many reasons behind this:

1. Renunciation of vices:

The main purpose of wearing clothes is to cover the body and maintain the sense of modesty. Jain monks believe that shyness is a form of attachment. By giving up clothes, they give up all worldly attachments and establish control over their senses.

2. Symbol of equality:

Nudity symbolizes the equality of all human beings. It shows that all human beings are equal, irrespective of their caste, religion, gender or social status.

3. Life of simplicity:

By giving up clothes, Jain monks give the message of living a life of simplicity. They give up attachment to material things and focus on spiritual progress.

4. Renunciation of dependency:

By giving up clothes, Jain monks give up their dependence on others. They provide themselves with food through almsgiving and do not accept material aid of any kind.

5. Connection with nature:

By remaining naked, Jain monks experience oneness with nature. They express gratitude towards nature and have compassion towards all living beings.

6. Symbol of self-confidence:

Being naked requires immense self-confidence and courage. It is a symbol of self-confidence and self-respect of Jain monks.

7. Destruction of Karmas:

In Jainism, destruction of karma is essential to attain salvation. Jain monks believe that wearing clothes leads to bondage of karma. By remaining naked, they try to destroy the karmas.

8. Spiritual progress:

Nudity helps Jain monks in spiritual progress. It helps them in meditation, samadhi and self-realization more easily. The renunciation of clothing by Jain monks is a rigorous penance that symbolizes self-denial, restraint, attainment of salvation and the desire for spiritual progress. It is important to note that not all Jain monks remain naked. Only Digambara Jain monks remain naked, while Shvetambara Jain monks wear white clothes.

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