Why do fireflies shine? know here
Why do fireflies shine? know here

All of you must have seen fireflies. Fireflies are often seen in small towns and villages at night. These fireflies seem to be shining but you have ever wondered why they shine. Now we're going to tell you why fireflies shine today. The main reason for their shine is to attract female fireflies. In fact, fireflies also shine eggs and they shine mainly in three types of colors. Green, yellow and red.

It is said that there is a certain difference in the physical structure of both males and females of this insect. In fact, female fireflies do not have wings, so they shine in one place. There are two wings of male fireflies, so they shine flying. Although fireflies are found in large quantities all over the country, high-light fireflies are mostly found in the West Indies and South America.

This insect was discovered in 1667 by a scientist named Robert Boyle. In earlier times, people thought that fireflies had phosphorus in their bodies, which led to their brightness, but it was proved in 1794 that fireflies glow not because of phosphorus but because of proteins called luciferase.

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