Amazing lovy dovy moments, for which every girl is just mad about

Well, being in relationship is good for our mental and physical state both. Sharing every moment with our partner makes us happy. As we have frequently heard that ‘happiness becomes double when we share it with somebody’. Here are some of the moments, why every girl loves being in relationship, boys can follow these tips to make their girl happy:

Butterfly tickles in your stomach, when you get surprise:

Girls love surprises and when their lovers plan sudden surprise for them without any reason, they just feel special. This feeling is the main equipment to make your bond strong and healthy.

You need relieving hug when you are sad:

Girls seek love when they are extremely sad and stressed, you may be feeling irritated with their stubborn behavior but buddy, this is the special time when you can show how much you care for them. Partner to enjoy with forever: If she is in relationship with you that means whatever she does, she loves to do it with you. She loves everything with you either it’s about to have street food or to sit in a calm place and have talks on various funny topics and never gets bore with you.

One who will leave last bite for you:

If you are known to her every habit then you can make her happy no matter, how much situation is worst. Many girls love to have first and last bite of their meal and when you leave it for her without any indication, she will feel special.

Being yourself without any judgment: 

A girl always find a friend in her lover, she wants to be herself when she is with you. If you both will be friends as well as life partners you will be having good sense of understanding. And one who let her girl to behave the way she is, she will feel herself a luckiest one.

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