Follow these tips to overcome the problem of slow Wifi speed

Oct 14 2020 10:25 AM
Follow these tips to overcome the problem of slow Wifi speed

People are doing work from home in COVID-19 infection crisis and in such a situation internet is also being used a lot. Schools, colleges, and many offices are not yet opened even during the lockdown and unlock process. Where children are taking classes through the Internet, people are doing work from home at home. Internet is also being used for gaming and watching movies. Internet speed is reduced at times and due to this, work stops. But there is no need to worry because today we are going to tell you some tips to increase internet speed.

First check internet speed:
If your internet or Wi-Fi is running slowly, first check its speed. For this, you can use the speed testing portal or Here you will automatically see the download speed of your Internet and upload speed.

Wi-Fi is running slowly, so first check how many devices are connected to it. Because at times the speed decreases even if the number of devices is high. If you are doing work from home, then talk to your service provider once and find out about the great plan.

In addition, often because of being online all day, the Wi-Fi router becomes hot, so try turning it off for a while or you can also reboot the router.

The device often updates when connected to Wi-Fi. In this case, check that if any of your devices are getting updated on Wi-Fi Connect, then the speed of other devices will be reduced automatically. Try to have this update free. So that Wi-Fi also does not load.

While working the same number of times, you forget that the daily data received in Wi-Fi can also be exhausted and this also reduces the speed. In such a situation, finish your work first, after that enjoy gaming and movies.

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