Will a new vaccine come for OMICRON, says Moderna

Washington : Concerns have arisen all over the world over new variants of covid infection. There is also a debate whether the already existing vaccine will also work against this variant of covid or it requires a new vaccine. Pharma company Moderna Inc. has said that a new vaccine can be prepared by early 2022 if a new vaccine is necessary to fight the omicron strain of covid infection.

While it has been revealed that when the new variant of Covid, Omicron, is said to be more dangerous than the old delta variant, and concerns are being raised that the existing covid vaccine, which may not affect it, moderna inc.'s statement is going to put a little stop to the world's concerns that it would be in early 2022 if required It can also work on making vaccines.

While WHO has said that preliminary evidence shows that the omicron variant is more likely to cause coviding again to people who are infected first. Such people can easily get caught in your infection. WHO has said that it is not yet clear whether 'omicron' is more transmittable (more easily transmittable from one person to another) than delta and other corona variants. 'WHO is working with technical partners to understand the potential impact of this variant on the corona vaccine,' WHO said. 'It is not yet clear whether 'omicron' causes a more serious disease.'

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