Will BJP be in power for 25 years? PM Modi gave a big agenda to the workers

New Delhi: Giving the biggest agenda ever to the BJP, PM Narendra Modi has asked the BJP to prepare for the coming 25 years. Actually, after 25 years, the country will be completing 100 years of independence. That would be a historic moment. Politically, by then at least five Lok Sabha elections and dozens of assembly elections would have been completed in the country. In such a situation, the task given to the BJP by PM Modi is very important.

In the meeting of the national office bearers of BJP in Jaipur, the BJP is already engaged in preparing its future action plan for the coming two years i.e. till 2024, at the very beginning itself PM Modi gave the party till now with his virtual address. The biggest agenda has been put down. In which he has made it clear that the elixir of independence, which will start from its 75th anniversary and continue till the 100th anniversary, will be time for the BJP to do something out of the ordinary. BJP will also have to make its own special preparations for these 25 years.

In fact, excited by the continuous public support from the year 2014, PM Modi has made it clear that this hope and aspiration of the people of the country greatly increases our responsibility. In this elixir of independence, the country is setting a target for the next 25 years for itself. This is the right time for BJP. The political meaning of this message of PM Modi is clear, in which the BJP will have to fulfill the responsibility of power for the next 25 years while gaining the trust of the people. It is clear that the BJP will now work on a long election strategy instead of one election at a time.

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