Will Tejashwi-Karan's relationship break because of Shamita? Once again there was a quarrel between the two.

Two strong female contestants tejashwi prakash and shamita shetty from the country's famous reality show Bigg Boss 15 don't make each other look like a fin. A light friendship was initially seen between the two, but tejashwi and Karan's love angle has not been liked at all since they started. It has also been revealed several times on the same show that Tejashwi has expressed his displeasure over karan and shamita's discussion, though Karan assures them every time that he and Shamita are only friends. But Tejashwi still doesn't like to talk about both.

The same will now be revealed once again in the recent past and the two once again had a fierce fight over Karan. In fact, Shamita has been elected home captain this week and has been given the right to downgrade any one VIP contestant sequenching to non-VIP. Using her authority, Shamita will downgrade Tejashwi and this will go a long way for the actress and she will be badly trapped.


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The same Colors shared a promo of today's episode on their Instagram where Tejashwi and Shamita seem to be having a dangerous fight. The video shows Bigg Boss asking the name of a Contestant of Shamita who wants to downgrade and Shamita takes Tejashwi's name. Hearing this, Tejashwi starts shouting and says that you said that you will take Rakhi's name. I made a big mistake by trusting you. Speak on your own that you are removing your strong competition. Hearing Tejashwi's words, Shamita says, 'I kept your boyfriend'. On hearing this, Tejashwi says, 'If you are dying so much to make friends with Karan, ask him whether he has to stay with me or make friends here'. Shamita gets angry when she hears Tejashwi's words and tells her that she should be ashamed. Then, the quarrel between the two escalates further. The same will now have to be seen in the upcoming episodes to see to what extent this battle goes.

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