Don't consume these 5 things in winter

The winter season is very good and everyone feels like eating hot in this season. However, you should take special care of your diet (avoid much in winters) to avoid diseases this season. Today we are going to tell you what to avoid in the winter season.

* According to health experts, the diet should not be too sweet as eating sweets weakens our immune system. According to a study, people who eat more sweets lose their ability to fight diseases caused by bacteria.

* Fry food should not be eaten in the winter season. Fry food contains a lot of fat, which not only causes inflammation but also increases the problem of fluid (mucus) in the chest.

* Histamine is a compound formed by the immune system in winter that protects the body from unwanted substances. Some food items such as eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, dry fruits and yoghurt are very high in it, which can increase mucus problems. This can cause them to be very harmful in winter.

* Dairy products should not be consumed in winter and doctors also recommend the same. In fact, dairy products are cold, causing their intake to make phlegm in the body. This can lead to sore throat, phlegm and cold.

* Coffee, tea, hot chocolate are the most preferred people in the winter season. But the fat and caffeine present in all these things de-hydrate the body, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

Eating these 5 things will keep your body warm in winter, get relief from cold

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