Miracle: Woman alive after death!
Miracle: Woman alive after death!

There are many shocking stories coming from all over the world. Now, recently also, there has been a shocking story. In fact, this is the case of a woman who suffered a heart attack in the hospital. Doctors then declared her brought dead, though the woman was revived 45 minutes later. According to the information received, the case is from Maryland, USA. The woman had gone to a hospital here, and she suffered a heart attack. Doctors then declared her brought dead, although doctors lost consciousness when they saw what happened 45 minutes later. She reportedly went to the hospital to trace her daughter.

In fact, the daughter had been having a labour pen for the past 39 hours, while Kathy was in a golf course. She received a call stating that her daughter was having a labour pen. On hearing this, she left for Greater Baltimore Medical Centre. As soon as she reached there she suffered a heart attack, doctors immediately gave her CPR. After that, the doctors noticed that her pulse had stopped. Not only that, blood circulation and oxygen were not reaching her brain. After seeing all this, the doctors declared her medically dead. On the other hand, her daughter was also taken to the emergency section. After that Kathy was also examined by the doctors and she started recovering.

She said, 'This was the second chance of life. Now I am going to move towards becoming the best person every day. I am grateful to God every moment.' While Kathy was recovering, her daughter also gave birth to a daughter. "It was our destiny that our mother was also in the same hospital," she says. My mother is alive here today because of Alora (baby's name). This is, in a way, our little magic. The trio is said to be fine at the moment and doctors are also calling it a miracle.

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