Gujarat: Man returned from death, video goes viral
Gujarat: Man returned from death, video goes viral

Vadodara: Shocking cases are coming to light from Gujarat day in and day out. Now a video is going viral which is influencing how important it is to wear a helmet while riding a bike. Yes, you can watch this video which proves the same thing. The video clearly shows that the balance of a man accompanying his wife and young child on a motorcycle is suddenly disturbed by a water-filled pit and the three were then swallowed on the road. While a tractor-trolley was passing by them, the woman and the child narrowly escaped, but the man was hit by the wheel of the trolley and the wheel passed over his head. However, he survived with a helmet.

Yes, the man was wearing a helmet, so the wheel load did not injure his head. You can all see that the helmet did get off the head with a jerk, but by then the wheel had passed over. If there was no helmet, the young man would not have been alive today. Well, you can see the first woman in the video got up, handled the child, and started cursing the driver of the tractor.

Although he felt that the tractor driver had caused the accident, the video clearly shows that it was not his fault. The accident was caused by water and potholes on the road. The video is from Dahod in Gujarat and the video of the shocking incident is now fast going viral. However, the biggest lesson from watching this video is that you must wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler outside.

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