Woman murdered even after settlement of dispute

May 08 2020 02:40 PM
Woman murdered even after settlement of dispute

The case that has come up recently is from Barhalganj area of Gorakhpur. Chandravati Devi (70), wife of Retirement SDO Anant Sahni, retired from the Department of Telecommunications, was strangled to death on Friday morning in Madaraha Nakta Tola. In this case, it is alleged that the son has committed the crime, and he ran away from the house after this incident. Police is now investigating the case. According to the information, Chandravati used to live in her maternal house.

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Out of 6 daughters of Chandravati, two daughters Geeta and Sangeeta used to live with her. Chandravati used to live with Sangeeta earlier in the house built in the village, but after some dispute 6 months ago, she came to the elder daughter's house. On Thursday, there was some dispute about the property with Vipin, son of daughter Sangeeta. The police returned after explaining and the matter was settled.

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Thereafter, on Friday morning, Chandravati went out for a walk. Meanwhile, she was brutally strangled to death. Seeing the dead body in front of Sangeeta's house in this case, the villagers informed her family members and the police about the incident. The police reached and has been investigated in the case.

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