Young man rape woman and make vulgar video

May 07 2020 02:20 PM
Young man rape woman and make vulgar video

So far, many cases of crime are coming out which are surprising. The case that has come up is of a nursing home. Where the woman who worked as a staff nurse got raped by pretending to get job and then making vulgar videos, she has been continuously exploited. There has been news in this case that when the accused's mind was filled with a nurse, his eyes fell on his 14-year-old daughter and her mind was shocked.

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In this case, the victim has filed a complaint against the accused in Ramgarhital police station. The police arrested the accused Kasya Road resident Abhishek on Wednesday under the sections of rape, cheating and threatening and arrested him. According to the information, after separating from the husband, the woman working in the nursing home was identified with Abhishek, who works in the Diagnostic Center. The woman has alleged that "One day he took me to a building in the constellation area and said that my own diagnostic center is going to open in it, and I will give you a job on a good package."

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The woman said, "By the time I could understand anything, he put the door on and then raped her." In this case, the woman further alleges that "these days he started pressurizing me to bring 14-year-old daughter as well, fearing that she went to the police". It has been reported that he was doing wrong with the woman by showing the video for a long time.

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