Corona spread at record speed in last 24 hours, two hundred and fifty lakh new cases surfaced
Corona spread at record speed in last 24 hours, two hundred and fifty lakh new cases surfaced

Washington: Corona virus set a record for infection on Sunday. On Sunday, 1,83,000 people worldwide have been affected by Corona in the last 24 hours. This is the largest number of people caught by the virus in 24 hours after the onset of corona virus infection. The World Health Organization (WHO), a body of the United Nations (UN), has released figures in this regard.

WHO has said that the maximum number of people in Brazil has been found to be Corona positive in this infection of up to two lakhs. There were 54771 infected cases in 24 hours. After this comes the number of Americans, where 36617 people were found corona infected. In India, the number of corona positive patients in the last 24 hours was 15400. Experts say that the rising figures of Corona point to several facts. Like more and more testing around the world. In addition there is a growing infection of the corona virus. The situation in Brazil is also worrying. Here, more than 50 thousand people have become corona positive in a day. While the number of dead in this country has also crossed 50 thousand. This is the second largest figure in the world.

According to the WHO, 87 lakh, 8 thousand 8 people have come under the grip of Corona virus at this time. Out of this, one lakh 83 thousand people have fallen prey to the virus in the last 24 hours. According to the WHO, 4 lakh 61 thousand 715 people have lost their lives worldwide from Corona.

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