World Heart Day 2022: Smoking teenagers more prone to cardiovascular deaths

Study find that nearly a fifth of all young people's cardiovascular deaths globally are attributable to causes in India. In India, the risk of cardiovascular illness and death is alarmingly high at 272, which is far higher than the global average of 235 per one lakh people.

On World Heart Day, specialists claim that the other significant issue is that cardiovascular ailments strike Indians more earlier than they do the population in the west. Compared to non-vegetarians in the west, vegetarians have a higher prevalence of it.

The prevalence of acute coronary syndrome and ST elevation myocardial infarction is now highest in India. Dr. Ajay Kaul, Chairman, Cardiac Sciences, Fortis, notes that it is one of the highest anywhere in the world.

He finds it interesting that although about 50% of Indians identify as vegetarians, their incidence of coronary artery disease is substantially higher than that of non-vegetarian Westerners.

According to Dr. Suraj Narasiman, Consultant-Interventional Cardiologist and Structural Intervention Specialist at Manipal Hospital Sarjapur, teenagers who smoke, abuse drugs, or have heart attacks are typically more vulnerable to cardiovascular mortality. " As per studies from previous years, CVD is one of the primary causes of teen fatalities. Therefore, to reduce the risk, young people needs to stop smoking, check their blood sugar levels and blood pressure regularly, avoid junk food, live a healthy lifestyle, and engage in regular exercise.

They should speak with a specialist before becoming very exhausted in order to determine the level of exercise they can continue with. Also, people who have a family history of heart problems are more susceptible to the risk factors and require routine checkups to maintain a healthy lifestyle "He said.

According to Dr. Kaul, urban Indians have a BMI of 24 to 25 as opposed to rural Indians, who have a BMI of 20. The type of obesity that is most prevalent in India is abdominal obesity, which is a cause for more concern. In an urban environment, the waist-to-hip ratio can reach.99, compared to 9.4 in a rural context. Greater prevalence of abdominal obesity than overall obesity is a known risk factor for cardiovascular events.

Asian Indians have a distinct pattern of dyslipidemia, with very low HDL levels, extremely high triglyceride levels, and significant levels of low-density lipids. This is the cause of a very high degree of coronary artery disease and cardiovascular events in the Indian population at a young age, according to an ICMR study.

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