World Leaders Join in Swiss Alps to Seek Peace for Ukraine
World Leaders Join in Swiss Alps to Seek Peace for Ukraine

For two days, the serene Swiss mountainside was disrupted by the whir of helicopters carrying world leaders and delegations to a crucial summit aimed at finding a path to peace in Ukraine. This meeting was a chance for Kyiv to counter Russia's full-scale invasion with full-scale diplomacy, seeking broad international support for a peace plan crafted by Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized the importance of gaining widespread backing for Ukraine’s peace proposal. The ultimate goal is to present this plan to Russia with overwhelming international consensus, leaving Moscow no choice but to accept. However, achieving this remains a distant goal.

On the eve of the summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear he had no intention of withdrawing troops from Ukraine. Instead, his "peace proposal" demanded Ukraine's surrender. Moscow's influence was felt even in Burgenstock, where the summit took place.

Out of approximately 90 countries represented, only 84 signed the final communiqué affirming Ukraine’s territorial integrity and right to sovereignty. Notably, Saudi Arabia, India, and South Africa abstained from signing. More significantly, China, a close ally of Russia, did not attend the summit despite participating in earlier discussions. Russia was not invited.

Despite these setbacks, President Zelensky and his team remained optimistic. Zelensky dismissed concerns about the non-signatories, suggesting they might endorse the statement later after consulting with their governments. He noted that some countries were represented by lower-level officials who needed to seek approval from their capitals.

The summit occurred at a challenging time for Ukraine on the battlefield. Ukrainian troops face a renewed Russian offensive around Kharkiv in the northeast. Additionally, the Western military aid crucial for Ukraine's defense against Russia continues to arrive frustratingly slowly.

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