World Lion Day was established this year, know its significance

Apart from humans, many types of animals live on this earth, many of them have been involved from birds of many species to lions of many species. World Lion Day is celebrated on August 10 every year. On this day, emphasis is also being laid on increasing awareness in the minds of the people about lions and on the declining population and conservation of lions.

When did this day begin?: Celebrating World Lion Day was started in the year 2013, in order to make people aware about the plight of lions and these matters and also educate those who live near wild lions. Since 2013, this day is celebrated every year on August 10.

Here are the interesting facts:-

Species -

- North East Congo Lion
- African Lioness
- Katanga Singh i.e. South-West African Lion
- Mutation of the white lion i.e. Kruger subspecies
- Masai Lion or Serengeti Lion
- Asian Lion
- Abyssinia Lion
- West African Lion or Senegal Lion
- Somali Lion
- Kalahari Lion.

- A lion weighs up to 190 kg and the lioness weighs up to 130 kg.

- Up to a distance of eight kilometres you can hear the roar of the lion.

- The age of a lion is about 16 to 20 years.

- More than 90 per cent of prey is not done by lions but by lionesses.

- About two thousand years ago, there were more than one million lions on earth.

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