Unfazed Guy Sits And Smokes At Bar As Armed Robbery Takes Place

Sep 09 2019 05:04 PM
Unfazed Guy Sits And Smokes At Bar As Armed Robbery Takes Place

When someone points a gun at your forehead and tells you that whatever purse, mobile you have, take out everything, what will you do during this time? So obviously the thing here is that you will put out all the things without thinking and keep them immediately, it is because he has a gun and he can even put you to death in a moment. However, such a video is now becoming increasingly viral on social media, which has surprised everyone.

In the viral video, it is being shown that many people are sitting in a bar, when a thief with a gun comes there and all the people hide on the underside, except one who does not care about death. He is sitting comfortably drinking beer and he is driving a mobile during this time. Please tell that the thief has also tried to snatch his phone during this time, although the person did not give his phone. Later, the thief leaves the person and goes inside the counter and starts searching for money, though when he finds nothing there, he again shoots the gun at the person, although he does not care about it. He smokes cigarette sitting comfortably and keeps on drinking.

According to the information received, this incident is from a beer bar of America and this video has been shared by a person named John Kimak on his Facebook, which has been viewed more than 1 million times so far. But after this video goes viral, the thief is caught. While people who drink beer and cigarettes are praising a lot.

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