World's largest solar power project to be built on Omkareshwar dam
World's largest solar power project to be built on Omkareshwar dam

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Energy Minister Hardeep Singh Dang recently said, 'The world's largest solar power project of 600 MW will be built at Omkareshwar Dam on Narmada River in the state'. He has given this good news today. He says, "Electricity generation will start here from 2022-2023". He also stated, 'the estimated investment in the solar project will be Rs 3,000 crore. The World Bank, International Finance Corporation and Power Grid have also given in-principle consent to provide assistance for the development of the project. ' The primary feasibility of the project in Madhya Pradesh has already been done with the support of the World Bank and it is being said to start power generation by the year 2022-2023.

Most important and main idea -

• Transmission line route survey from the project area to Khandwa substation will be started by Power Grid in January 2021.

• Tender will be issued for a detailed study of the social and environmental impact of the project area. Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company has agreed to purchase 400 MW power from the solar project.

• Floating solar power panels will be installed in the backwaters of Omkareshwar dam with a capacity of producing 600 MW.

• In 2 years, the solar project will provide affordable and good quality power.

• Electricity will be produced in about 2000 hectares of water area and by installing solar panels in the dam. These panels will float on the surface of the water in the reservoir.

• It is being said that when the water level of the dam is low, the solar panels will automatically adjust the top and the download. Due to this, floods and strong waves will not affect them. During this time the rays of the sun will continue to generate electricity.

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