Christmas trees ranging from Rs 13 crore to Rs 20 crore are decorated here

Christmas is being celebrated in the world this year. You must be aware that the Christian community celebrates Jesus' birthday on the night of December 25. On this day, people decorate their homes, churches, and cities in a variety of ways. This list specifically includes a Christmas tree. Yes, and generally, Christmas trees (Christmas Tree Decoration) are decorated with lights, ribbons, gifts, toffees, etc. But the Christmas trees we will tell you about today are very special. Because these are the world's most expensive Christmas trees (the world's most expensive Christmas tree). 

* Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree, Hong Kong - A 50 feet high Crystal Christmas tree was built here in 2013 with the help of gold and silver crystals. Yes, and gold and silver were bought from Austria to make it. Swarovski Company decorated it outside Hong Kong to wish the people leaving the airport a Merry Christmas. The cost of making it was about Rs.13 crores.

* Mini Christmas Tree, Tokyo - Here the Japanese department store chain decorated a 40-centimeter Christmas tree. It was clustered with a small tower of protected roses. Each rose petal is said to have been fitted with Australian and African diamonds. The Christmas tree may have been small, but it also cost around Rs 13 crore to build.

* German Gold Dealer Pro Oram's Christmas Tree is made of 2,018 gold coins. There is also a star with gold coins on top of the tree. In fact, this three-meter-high Christmas tree, displayed at Prof. Oram's Munich Goldhaus, was built in collaboration with the Austrian Mint and is worth about Rs 20 crore.

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