World's tallest glass pyramid built here, named in Guinness World Record

People do a variety of things every day to create a world record . Well, it's not that easy to make. People have to work hard for this. So far, there are many strange world records in the world that are surprising to know about. Now, recently, one such world record has been the talk of the world. Have you all ever thought that a world record can be created by placing a glass glass on top of one! Perhaps not, but somebody has done such a thing. In fact, a hotel in Dubai has achieved this spectacular feat, which the whole world is amazed to know about.

According to media reports, Dubai's Hotel Atlantis, The Palm and Moyet and Chandan have built a pyramid about 27 feet above champagne glasses and set a new world record. Yes, and it is said to be the world's tallest glass pyramid (world's largest drinking glass pyramid). 54,740 champagne glasses were used to make it. Under the information received, it was not easy to build this wonderful pyramid, as it took hours to build. In the end, it created a new and unique world record. Tell you all that a lot of people had gathered at the hotel to see this unique glass pyramid.

On the other hand, according to guinness world records, 'It was a freestanding three-way solid pyramid made from a commercially available drinking glass. Each of the three bases of the pyramid measures 6.1 meters (20 feet), with a centre height of 8.2 meters (26 feet 11 inches). Let me tell you that this record was earlier set in Madrid  in Spain in 2017. Then, with the help of 50,116 champagne glasses, the world's tallest glass pyramid was built, which was recorded in the Guinness World Records. Now, after nearly 4 years, the record has been broken.

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