More than four and a half million people died of corona worldwide
More than four and a half million people died of corona worldwide

Washington: The outbreak of the corona epidemic is not taking its name to stop. The coronavirus, which has spread in 213 countries around the world, has killed more than four lakh 66 thousand people. In India too, its havoc is spreading fast. In the case of one day infection, India is creating new records every day. The number of corona patients in India has increased to four lakh.

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This number has reached 89 lakh 14 thousand 787 in the whole world. Out of which four lakh 66 thousand 718 people have lost their lives and 47 lakh 38 thousand 542 patients have been cured after treatment. However, 37 lakh 9 thousand 527 people are still suffering from corona infection. During the last 24 hours, about one lakh 63 thousand new cases have been reported in the whole world. About 4500 people have died. Corona infection is still spreading rapidly in America. So far, 23 lakh 30 thousand 578 people have fallen prey to Corona. Out of which one lakh 21 thousand 980 people have lost their lives. However, 9 lakh 72 thousand 941 patients have also become healthy after treatment.

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There are still 12 lakh 35 thousand 657 people undergoing treatment for coronavirus. During the last 24 hours, 33 thousand 388 new cases have been registered here and 573 people have died. After America, the situation in Brazil remains very bad. So far, 10 lakh 70 thousand 139 people have been corona infected in Brazil. Of these, 50 thousand 58 people have died.

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