The Worst Birth Control Mistakes!!!
The Worst Birth Control Mistakes!!!

A lot of girls decide to go on birth control pills to prevent them from getting pregnant while they are sexually active. However, a lot of women aren't using the pill correctly. Here are some of the top mistakes women make with birth control so that you can avoid them at all costs.

You’re inconsistent

If you’re on the pill or using condoms or diaphragms, you need to be consistent. Especially with the pill, you've got to be careful.Missing just one birth control pill can increase your risk for pregnancy", and the less consistent you are the more you can mess them up. Set an alarm on your phone and be consistent.

You use the wrong lubricant

With so many great water-based lubricants on the market, is there really any reason to even use oil-based lubes with condoms? Baby oil, petroleum and hand lotions weaken latex condoms and can cause them to break.

You’re on the wrong pill

Whether you’re taking the birth control pill as a contraceptive, to control periods or because of PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, cramps, and heavy bleeding, you want to be sure that your pill is the best one for you. It’s good to know that you are either protected from becoming pregnant  but what if your pill isn’t working as effectively as it should?Look out for these signs your birth control pill is not the right one and consult your doctor is you experience a number of them.

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