Akhilesh will refuse to recognize Lisa, Naira will become false
Akhilesh will refuse to recognize Lisa, Naira will become false

3000 episodes of the very spectacular TV show 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' have been completed and all the actors of this serial together enjoyed the party in the past. In such a situation, it is now being heard that a bang twist is coming in this serial. Yes, it was shown on the show in the past that "Naira comes to know that Akhilesh is the person who is dating Lisa". It slips and in such a situation, she wants to tell this thing to Karthik first. In such a situation, in the upcoming episode of the show, "Naira and Karthik will reach a coffee house to meet in this connection". On seeing Naira and Karthik here, Vedika will be very sad and only after that she will convince Naira to stay around Karthik too. ''

Now talk about Akhilesh and Lisa, as soon as Naira tells Kartik about their affair, he will get angry at her and Kartik will tell Naira that she is deliberately accusing her Akhilesh Chachu and Goenka family. After that Naira will be very sad to see Kartik's antics and she will only tell Kartik that she wants only and only Lisa's happiness. After listening to Naira, Karthik will think of the matter with maturity and then together they will decide that Lisa and Akhilesh will have to face each other once.

At the same time, there are reports that Lisa will be excited to meet Akhilesh but Akhilesh will get very upset about this. After that, when Lisa comes in front of him, he will refuse to recognize her and in this case the case of Akhilesh and Lisa will get very confused and Karthik-Naira will become even more confused.

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