Yemen: Death toll from ballistic missile attack climbs to 40, says reports
Yemen: Death toll from ballistic missile attack climbs to 40, says reports

ADEN:  The death toll from Houthi-fired ballistic missiles that struck a strategic airbase of Yemen's government forces in the southern province of Lahj climbed to 40, according to reports on Sunday.

According to an official of Lahj's local authority, the Houthi rebel group launched a coordinated attack using three ballistic missiles and two explosive-laden drones against the government forces stationed at the Anad military airbase in Lah. He said, "Soldiers of the 3rd Giants Brigades were struck by three ballistic missiles while they were gathering for morning military training exercises inside the large air base of Anad," he said. "Another two explosive-laden drones targeted other government soldiers while they were having their breakfast inside the same air base," he added.

More than 40 soldiers, including senior officers, of the pro-government Giants Brigades forces were killed and nearly 70 others were left injured by the Houthi coordinated attack in Lahj, according to the official.

Another official of pro-government Yemeni forces said that "the Houthis used their intelligence agents to plan this deadly attack against the government forces and exploited a lack of air defences in the area." He said that a number of previous Houthi missile attacks were carried out against the strategic Anad air base during the past period.

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