"You Cannot Succeed from the Sidelines": In Conversation with Kartikeya Uniyal

Words have sailed a thousand ships and halted a hundred wars. Words can set off a revolution and enlighten the most isolated. Words are powerful, no one can deny that, and even more impactful when they come from a place of passion and commitment. We were lucky to convince the ever-busy Kartikeya Uniyal to sit down with us and tell his story in his own words. 

Kartikeya Uniyal, 22 is a self-made entrepreneur and has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the real estate world. He is also a regular angel investor to many startups, and with his help many people's dreams have taken flight.  We were awed and intrigued by his meteoric rise and wanted to know more - and who better to tell us than the man himself! 

Q: You have been making waves in real estate recently, it's a very unpredictable field and requires so much time and effort. How do you manage life and work in such settings? 

Kartikeya: Yes, it is unpredictable but I think perspective makes all the difference. I see it as dynamic, it's ever changing - everyday there is something new and that brings in so many new opportunities to learn and grow, and connect with more people. It can get tiring to keep pace, so don't let yourself get burnt out, always keep the passion alive - things will come easy. But don't get too relaxed either, you have to be here, everyday with just as much love. You cannot succeed from the sidelines, you need to have willingness and also a commitment to working hard. 

Q: What has been the thing that has helped you avoid the feelings of burnout?

Kartikeya: Glad you asked! I absolutely love cars - super cars to be exact. I've been this way since I was a boy, the only difference is, I can now drive the cars I love. I participate in races and rallies and it's great to be around people who are just as enthusiastic as you. I think everyone should preserve one hobby, you essentially have a refuge to retreat to. 

Q: Do you have any word of advice that you'd like to leave for our readers?

Kartikeya: Yes, yes of course. I'd like to tell them what I've learnt - I love what I do. And I'm not talking about real estate, I'm talking about a connection that you should feel with your work. If you're not proud of your achievements, if you cannot identify with the goals your work entails, please take a step back and assess yourself. Don't force yourself to do something that you don't want to do, because our choices affect our lives. Don't let something you're unhappy with, affect your life longer than it needs to. There are always more doors to try, don't box yourself in a corner and continue staying because it feels comfortable. Take the leap and follow your heart! 

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