Careful! Bank accounts are targeted through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app communicating with each other, and users love to use it. But now cyber thugs are eyeing it. Reports of a new scam have been heard on WhatsApp, which has emptied the bank accounts of cyber thug users in a few minutes. All WhatsApp users need to be careful about this new scam.

A group of cybercriminals in the UK has come up with a new way to cheat people on WhatsApp. The scam begins with a message that users are targeting one user after a lot of searching. This is a common message like Hello Mum or Hello Dad by which thugs are emptying users' bank accounts in a few minutes.  According to reports, hackers have stolen nearly 50,000 pounds in a few months from the scam.

Hackers send Hello Mum or Hello Dad messages to WhatsApp asking for money immediately, after which the family feels that their son or daughter is trapped in a case and they send the money immediately and then the money goes directly to the hackers' account. Cases of this scam are also on the rise in India. Hackers send messages not only as children but also in the name of many relatives. Along with WhatsApp, messages are being sent to Messenger to make people victims of fraud. So if a friend or relative receives a message seeking money, you should not send them money without confirming them separately.

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